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Interviews: Einar Selvik (Kvitrafn) of Wardruna and Skuggsja, Gaahl, Sodom, Kati Ran, Winterhymn, Kim Dylla.
Write-ups: Sodom, Enslaved.
Artists: Axel Hermann, Mitchell Nolte, Michael Rechlin.
Photographers: Ester Segarra, Rafal Kotylak, Wojciech Zwolinski.
PLUS: History of Berserkers, Runes, Jomsborg Vikings, Last Rites Gallery, Maryland Deathfest, Steve Page, Lovecraft, Beethoven, Liorcifer, art, photography and tattoo galleries, album reviews, and much more.


Inserts for the ViaOmega CultBinder (coming in January 2017): Einar Selvik and Gaahl are available ONLY in the printed version.